How It Works

The Brush Bar is designed to be a relaxing and fun night out, we want you to sing, dance, drink some wine, enjoy the company of good friends, whatever you need to do to get creative!

First, go to our calendar and take a look at our featured paintings.

Then, chat with your gal pals, boyfriend, spouse, co-workers, parents, or even your sorority sisters to TRY and agree on which painting is most fabulous (you choose the painting you would like to learn)!

Once everyone has agreed, click the featured painting's link from the calendar and register for class. Class times and prices may vary, so please visit the painting's link to find details.

On the day of your class, arrive at the Brush Bar a few minutes early to get checked in as well as a nice glass (or bottle) of wine. By the way, your first glass of wine is on The Brush Bar!

Next, RELAX. Once class begins, an instructor will paint along with you and guide you brush stroke by brush stroke until your masterpiece is complete!

Still have questions? Visit our FAQ page or give us a call at (480) 947-8700.